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"The Big Ask" 6-21-2022

Today’s January 6th Committee Hearing found us back in somewhat familiar territory beginning with the story of three blind mice, Don, Rudy and Jenna attempting to pressure State election officials to eat the MAGA cheese as it were, buy into the Eastman fake slate of electors decertification mouse trap and as John Eastman opined, "Just do it and let the courts figure it all out.”

Shortly thereafter, Eastman steps into the picture and once reunited with Trump it was as if we were all watching an episode of “Pinky & The Brain” with the adorable, but gene spliced somewhat a dullard orange lab mouse Don “Pinky” Trump inquiring of his co-conspirator in crime, John “the Brain” Eastman what they were going to do that night?

Due to similar experimental genome level engineering the somewhat stilted Brain iconically answers, “The same thing we do every night. Try to take over the World!”

Unfortunately, this is where any further comparisons made in jest, or perhaps in this instance a “tragic parody” becomes inappropriate for as the circus begins, it is clear the mood is turning darker with the Committee intending to show how the “Big Lie” started as a misinformation and propaganda campaign to employ, if not embrace reckless acts of doxing, intimidation, threats, and yes, violence as fair game in service of the “Big Lie”.

Liz Cheney: Trump "did not care about the threats of violence...he went forward with his fake allegations anyway"

A clear example of “what matters the outcome if the cause is just” in reverse. We now know the alternate slate of electors couldn’t shoot straight gang was living in an alternate reality.

A universe where with little to no direct or implied evidence, but a lot of theory, normal ballot boxes become suitcases filled with false ballots for purposes of “stealing the election.”

It is a Twilight Zone episode where innocence and guilt, separating fact from fiction have no meaning or value. It is a harsh realm where persons as diverse as Arizona State House Speaker Rusty Bowers, his wife and family must suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous stupidity from his neighbors.

It is a domain of ignorance and arrogance where Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and his Chief Operating Officer Gabe Sterling are pressured to “find” enough votes to change the results of a free and fair election.

It is a nightmarish, dystopian vision of life where ginger mints become suspicious USB drives and where Ruby “Lady Ruby” Freeman and Wandrea “Shaye” Moss, and a mother-daughter team of previously anonymous Georgia election workers are without so much as a scintilla of evidence identified to the media as felons with the results being Wandrea’s Facebook page filled with "A lot of threats, wishing death upon me. Telling me that, you know, I'll be in jail with my mother and saying things like 'be glad it's 2020 and not 1920.’” That was only the beginning.

It is a sphere of influence where shadowy figures, including Mark Meadows, Ron Johnson, Andy Biggs, Pat Cipollone, and Ronna Romney McDaniel, still lurk in the background.

It is an echo chamber where the words of an inebriated old fool ring the loudest if those are the words you want to hear.

I would not have guessed, but I must admit I do not find it comforting that Trump is an equal opportunity domestic terrorist.

I state for the record, these are not the thoughts and deeds of team normal, but the results of mindless, blind and malicious ambition by a malignant “cancer” on the body politic our society.

Don’t forget the now all too true warning from Michael Cohen that Trump will never stop. We now know as his desperation deepens, Trump’s reactions continue to escalate and as of equal if not more concern, so do those of his MAGA followers.

His tacit approval of gun violence in the political arena is frightening with one of Pinky’s ardent and out of touch supporters suggesting his rivals are soft, squishy, and I guess make excellent eating Republicans In Name Only (RINO), as fair (wild) game, not for honest political discourse and discussion, but purposes of hunting. You know what they say, once someone gets a taste for hunting two-legged animals…

This begs the question, what must we do to get this maniac off of the world stage and at a minimum, under home arrest with a gag order made out of the same material as his oversized diaper to keep the excrement where it belongs.

Are we suddenly not a nation governed by the rule of law? Where no one, not even a president is deemed as impervious to the consequences of his illegal, civil, and criminal acts? Liable for high crimes or misdemeanors under the Constitution?

Rightly, a great deal of lip service has been paid to the importance of the peaceful transfer of power as a hallmark and indispensable to American democracy.

The Committee even went so far as to quote the sainted Ronald Reagan’s “miracle” quote in defense of this unique and noteworthy aspect of our political system. (Warning: Chuck Todd Alert!)

I would argue no person is above the law is equally essential to the administration of American justice and democracy. Why are we making an exception for this orange rabbit-pellet and not tell him it’s a ginger mint and see if he swallows it.

I do not think it unfair to connect Mr. Orange Bent-Carrot and his self-interested policies with the atrocities taking place in Ukraine. His responses to legitimate free speech rights to protest inspired Kyle Rittenhouse. There are not “good people” on both sides.

Must we wait for another attack on our Capitol Building? Must we wait until he hangs Mike Pence? What are We, the People, waiting for? Must we wait until we lose our democracy, and it is too late?

I am not advocating for an immediate arrest and incarceration by the DOJ. All I am suggesting is as with any toxic substance, not already confined in a peach tree dish, the contagious aspects of Trump’s infecting his herd with foot-in-mouth disease must be contained and, given the events pointed out in today’s hearing, it must happen soon.

Aside from the additional names, facts and faces we learned about today, my biggest takeaway was in the form of an unanswerable question. How far will Trump go in his Orwellian inspired plot to take over the world? I mean, you don’t think he’s really going to stop here, do you? He’s warped. Narf!

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