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Communique "Unum" 10-8-2021

I am often asked why it is I never considered any of President Death Cult 45’s plans, if you can call them that, but more like schemes or scams to turn America into a fascist dictatorship anything more than a long-shot attempt by a bunch of selfish and incompetent group of morally challenged hacks destined, as we are now seeing to nothing more than failure.

Oh, I suppose it’s true that about 25% of the population is just too darn scared of their shadow to do anything more than look for a “strong man”, or as they liked to call that fat slob of a dirty, demented and incapable of any true emotion other than want, lust and greed, “leader” to make their decisions for them in the land of the brave and the home of the free, as if this was the American way.

Fear is a powerful motivator and when fear turns into anger and anger into hate and rage, the promise of being led by an individual, powerful and all knowing, you know, like the Wizard of Oz, but without the bag of pretty trinkets and hot-air, well there was plenty of that, but not the balloon on which to escape back to whence he came, this anointed one must appear to be an attractive alternative to the disappointing blend of you know, a life of preordained misery due to a self-induced lack of education and bereft of ambition, or, as I like to call it, a malaise of white bread and mayonnaise, for which there is no cure for the curse of the ordinary.

However, keep in mind this is not the fate of most Americans, this group being mostly comprised of underachievers who from the word go expected success to be handed to them on a silver platter not for what they did, but based solely on who they are, you know, the born into wealth crowd, the overly religious and yes, racists, three groups that seem to share if nothing more the common trait of never taking responsibility for their own actions, as if that mattered.

But this is not America. In fact, the true greatness of America lies in an entirely different category of social interaction in which education leads to understanding, leading to tolerance and eventually acceptance including those who come from different countries, backgrounds and are in a word, “different”, until “they” are not, becoming for all intents and purposes, our friends, family and at a minimum, fellow Americans.

America is the only country that from its inception has acknowledged each human being’s right to exercise their natural rights as the basis for the social compact, and hence good governance where the pursuit of the individual is paramount with the needs, health, and reputation of the State a distant secondary concern.

You can fault the Founding Fathers all you want for their 18th Century views on equality, or the lack thereof, has led to America’s ascendance into the greatest country this world has ever known, in a manner most persons of the time considered at best sheer folly with little to no real possibility of success.

Granted, the Founders did have the advantage of the lessons learned during the Age of Enlightenment, where with the sober and judicious use of reason and logic as their basis, individuals can and will make good, if not the best decisions for themselves as well as for those who are similarly situated and ready to meet the challenges of the time with strength, faith and bravery.

Yet the Original Framers had an additional problem to deal with not encountered, or at least in the same magnitude as the European nations who being centuries old were a homogeneous bunch where the average ambitions of both citizens and the state were relatively fleshed out and therefore not terribly hard to ascertain.

The trick for these denizens of the old world was to find a way to connect the dots so to speak and invent a culture and society based on a set of time-honored traditions and values deemed to be in the best interest of the (fill-in-the-blank) people with a clear vision of their social and cultural identities and how they “fit” into the overall scheme to propagate both their personal interests as well as those of the state.

But George Washington and company had an altogether different set of circumstances to deal with. Firstly, they were a young, poor but ambitious nation that had little going for it other than the hearts and souls who longed for the elusive goal, not of belonging, but to be free. Free to do as they saw fit.

To live life without undue interference from their government, their right to own their own slice of heaven, by their own means, mostly by working the land, getting married and having children with their hard work and ambition taking them as far as it could. You know, Little House on the Prairie stuff.

But the prospect of a new, progressive and simply better society the first Americans saw for themselves included an incredibly important wrinkle that in many ways caused more difficulty than the signatories to the Declaration of Independence may not have anticipated.

It was that part about everyone being equal. Yes, it may have started with wealthy, white landowners, but as Benjamin Franklin was known to say, “And as in the dark all Cats are grey” although truth be told, he was singing the praises of older women in matters of the pleasure of corporal Enjoyment, (sounds good, doesn’t it?) America soon found itself faced with the reality of offering the dream of equality to a, for the time, unusually diverse melting pot of humanity from all different walks of life.

And while it is true we have and continue to fall down on this promise, we have managed for the most part to fulfill our motto, “E pluribus Unum” or, “From many, one” that few countries have even dared to contemplate.

I have faith that the overwhelming number of Americans understand that our diversity is our secret weapon, our strength, and given the threat to lose it to a madman without morality, a conscience, or a soul, along with his mind numbingly stupid and warped cadre of Confederate/Nazi who apparently can’t wait to lose again, to lose our America to this bunch of well, losers, was literally unthinkable.

Don’t get me wrong, this does not mean we could never lose our democracy. In many ways democracies are made to be lost for it depends on the intelligence and vigilance of the population to seek peace through negotiation and communication, not guns and ammo, a Bible and/or fabricated stories if not outright and at times ridiculous lies.

In short, in America the truth will eventually win. And when it comes to finding and following the truth, coupled with the undeniable American will to do what is right without the need for any other justification, We, the People, as both individuals and collectively, are a lot tougher than we may look.

For these reasons and sooo many more, TrumpleOrangeForeskinsToTheWindbag never stood a chance in his bid to be king, his fate now being sealed as the Court Jester for the ages, and nothing more. Your take?

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