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Communique "The most terrifying thing is to accept oneself completely.” – C.G. Jung 4-3-2021

I feel lucky today. You know why? I realized that even at the age of 62 I still lead a life filled with child-like wonder and discovery. That I have not lost the ability to see the “normal” in life as anything but and I am surrounded each day with what I have been known to call the 10,000 miracles, meaning those things that if not for a power greater than my own, would not exist. How great is that? And it gets better.

Today, I now believe I have found another kindred soul who will join me on our shared journey homeward with an open and loving heart, and mind. This does not happen often. Sometimes, I think it sad that for each single seeker of the truth and light I find, ready to absorb, transform and transcend, there are so many others who have already shut off their minds and emotions to the point of sequestering themselves in a past mythology that never was and hence, a world that did not and still does not exist.

But on this April Day, one on which we contemplate birth, re-birth, resurrection and insurrection mind you, flowers, chocolate bunnies and colored eggs delighting the thoughts of children, I find my salvation in the recognition there is yet another traveler out there who shares the same quality of aspiration and inspiration all around us, all the time, the 10,000 miracles.

Over the years I have found myself drawn to things I can study that seemingly have no bottom, for which there is always something new, old, strange, odd, and interesting to find, experience, and glean. Music comes to mind. There is always one more song to hear, another version, another cover, adaptation and arrangement to unearth.

From listening to the radio, searching for parallel imports in out of the way record stores to having the entirety of musicology at our fingertips with the click of a mouse, more, doesn’t mean better, but it does make for some very interesting sonic experiences to stumble across, if nothing else.

In similar fashion, I was later drawn to the study of law. I found the breadth and depth of case law, stories about human insecurity, fragility, and the choices we make, both good and bad, and our responses to thoughts and actions we as a society think we could do without, fascinating. I have often said that no matter what you believe is new, unusual, or the worst you could imagine, try reading some cases and you will find it is not, and never is.

Why I find this comforting is anyone’s guess. But the very fact that we try to overcome our shortcomings and yes, often with compassion and a sense of justice is re-affirming that we at our core are trying to do the right thing, even when we get it wrong which we also often do.

My third life-long pursuit into the unending involves religious study. Or, to be more correct, not so much the organization and history of specific religions, sects or cults as the case may be, the underlying spirituality that must be the core of every legitimate introspective study of the human condition within this plane of existence and not so much I think about where we are going as I believe we are all going to the same place, albeit some sooner than others, but what we should do while we are here.

I find it a bit amusing in a good way that we live our lives never knowing what is coming next, and yet we do as I also believe that all wisdom and knowledge is available to us in a kind of universal, cosmic library called “collective consciousness” where all that has ever been and will ever be is stored for eternal reference, if you have the right library card and the proper awareness of mind to use it.

I imagine a great deal of my fascination with the unknown, and why I tend to see every difference, the power of diversity and unfathomable (at least for now) mystery as a chance for growth both spiritual and corporeal or both, as the case may be.

This may not make any particular sense, but primarily for this reason the things people do rarely scare me. That is not to say sometimes the things that people have become, or perhaps are, terrifies me, for we are a species of infinite thought and possibility who often have no qualms about let’s just say turning our wants, desires and fantasies into reality without a second thought or caution for the damages we may cause to the victim and yes, to ourselves.

Is there a point of no return? I’d like to think not, and so I continue to cling to my perhaps naïve notions that we as humans will eventually do the right thing. Choose light over dark, good over evil, and that it is never too late to do the right thing.

Fate and free will go hand in hand in the sense that we will be given the opportunity to follow our Creator in divinity, to return to our true celestial home by His side, but only if we let our actions follow what we already know inside to be true.

Remember the 10,000 miracles I spoke of earlier? Do you know that you are one? That your very existence, right here, right now, doesn’t have to be? But it is and therefore, you have both a purpose and a calling in life.

Is life sometimes difficult, frustrating at times? Is it filled with happiness, sadness, dizzying heights and devastating lows? Yes? Well then you are human after all, as are we all.

But who’s to say where you might find another piece of the puzzle? In a song? A case book? In a passage, a psalm, a book? A movie? Television show? Or, in quiet reflection of the day’s events perhaps sitting under a tree that some wise person planted all the while knowing they would not live to sit under its shade, but that someone might. Someone, maybe like you? One of God’s miracles?

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