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Communique "The Long Walk Home" 3-19-2021

Since yesterday's post, many of you asked for further clarification of my definition of transformation. Here it is.

Transformation is foremost about recognizing the correct order of all spiritual growth you may experience, this assuming you are cognizant of such discoveries, and then the implementation of physical decisions you might move to manifest in response. Meaning, you must internally acknowledge the change in your understanding of the universe before and not after any meaningful physical changes in your world can manifest themselves.

A mere change of habits in response to an outward change, no matter how big or small, in the physical, material world is for the most part of little consequence for it is most likely nothing more than a pro forma reaction to the obvious. If a stove is hot and you don’t want to get burned again, don’t touch it again. This is change.

Transformation of one’s inner self must come first before any true and meaningful change in the way of the outward can take place. Observation must be followed by the proper amount of additional study, and then contemplation and reflection on how best to assimilate what by now is hopefully the realization that all true progress of any type begins with and within you.

Be the change you want to see. Right? But let me add, you must first identify, accept and implement before your inner voice can be heard by those around you.

This is why it is important to learn how to be quiet, to be able to “hear” your inner thoughts, to learn how to hear your breath, to hear your heartbeat.

I have said on several occasions over the years that I don’t understand the concept of “lonely”. Why? Because at my core I never “feel” that I am alone, whether in the company of any other sentient beings or not.

Why? Because once I could hear my own heartbeat, I started to hear it “amplified” by many, many, eventually more than I could ever count and realized there is but one singular and eternal heartbeat that we are all part of and from which, for better or worse, we cannot escape, except possibly by physically leaving this world.

So, how can one feel lonely, when in fact none of us here on Earth are ever alone? If it helps, think of it this way, simply because you are not watching television doesn’t mean there is nothing on. Now, where what is on is “good” is another question, but you get the big and little picture, right?

This is not to say that you will never be gone, or that you may or may not one day return to this or perhaps another physical plane. This is also not to say that your heartbeat, won’t change altering itself into a different, let’s call it communal wavelength based upon principles of what we call light, or perhaps energy, or matter both light and dark.

Once gone, will we remember our past selves? Our individual personalities? The events of our previous life or lives? Accomplishments? Disappointments? These things seem rather trivial in nature as opposed to what I believe is the glory that lies ahead of us all.

The awakening, the understanding that we are all descended from the same maternal womb, that we will return to our place of origin and take our right place, whatever that may be, but surely in the presence of and to remain within the Kingdom of God.

So, as we begin, is how we will end. We are not in exile. We are not in purgatory. We will not be abandoned, lost or damned by “original sin” for although I do not dispute Jesus was the son of God, and I do not disagree with one who teaches a gospel of love and forgiveness, but, I do challenge the notion he is the only, the one son or daughter of our Lord for the simple reason that we all are God’s children with our true path being one of inner discovery and not of outward events.

I say this not as a slight in any way to anyone who is of the faith, for as I have stated numerous times, there is no one “right” way except the “one” way, meaning, the way that works for you, and that does not require a belief in the path of any other individual that walked or still breathes the air and walks upon the ground, feeling the sand or the dirt, or if lucky, the vibrations of the earth beneath their feet and certainly, no ideology, or theology that excludes any of your brothers and sisters from their final reward along with the celestial gifts and blessings that are indeed, the one true and yes, our shared destiny.

Faster or slower? That is up to you but in no way, will your free will to choose, prevent you from “suffering” the greatness and glory, the all-knowing, that awaits. We all see with the same set of eyes. We all hear with the same ears. We all hold our hearts and our sorrow in the same hands and to believe otherwise is truly foolish.

What I would ask you to do is each and every day if find at least one miracle of the 10,000 miracles you see, hear, feel or experience every single day, yet somehow, as we all have now and then, taken for granted in a land where nothing, except the journey home, is ever guaranteed, for tomorrow, even the sun may, or may not rise.

But it does, and you are still here, why not take the opportunity to go from the one, to the many, and back to the one. For this is the true way of transformation leading to enlightenment, wisdom, good works and finally the key to the eternal kingdom.

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