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Communique "The Jiminy Cricket Theory"

Today was one of those days when I was reminded that from time to time it is necessary to remind oneself that politics is what it is and not what people want, or believe it to be no matter how much they wish upon a star that it was.

For example, is Faux News even news? To be sure, 13 American servicemen died in Afghanistan and their red, white and blue flag covered coffins made their way back to America and were displayed prominently on several television channels including Fox.

Yet it seemed to me this is where the reality ended for very shortly thereafter, in fact, virtually immediately, the Fox News Channel, an organization that admitted in court that up to half of their reporting is lies, and that they have a Constitutional right to do so, a view the Court agreed with, went onto some rant and rave about the “Biden” scandal.

No acknowledgment that Biden is our legitimate president who had the cojones to finally after twenty fruitless years and trillions in wasted tax dollars to get us out of an unwinnable war. I saw no sign of unity or support for our President in his role as Commander-in-Chief of our military and responsible for keeping our service members out of harm’s way however and whenever possible.

All I saw was accusations that somehow, someway, without even the benefit of recognizing, or perhaps the concession of the devil’s deal his predecessor made with the Taliban as a wrong-headed as they get stumbling block to success, Biden, along with several of his administration should resign over his “incompetence” and for the “disgrace” his actions cast over our country.

And so, as with all propaganda, a grain of bitter truth in the form of flag draped coffins gave way to mindless, gutless and self-serving I’m not even sure I can call them points of view, that serve no one except the bottom line of corporations while their viewership who refusing to accept the truth and in between their Ivermectin injections, continue to foster and promote the lies as if somehow, if enough of them believe it, it will magically become true.

But the truth is a lie is still and will always be a lie no matter how many times it is repeated and how many persons believe it. False equivalents followed by ad hominems are exactly that. The tools and last refuge of the weak of mind, unable to win a battle based on easily available, provable and abundant facts that can, if applied correctly, might just save some lives.

By “correct” I mean facts taken at face value for what they are as part of an empirical process, can and will lead to a logical conclusion that might lead to a solution and not just another round of yet more fantastic claims of lizard people changing our DNA through the injection of a vaccine, one commissioned by their Big Orange Stuffed Fluffer of an Ex-President if you still wish to call him that, that get this, actually does what it was invented to do, and has been proven by that nasty word science to do.

And that is why in great part we still watch military caskets coming home with the dead, watching the families deal with their unbearable sadness on the television. In short, stupid sells. Always has and always will.

And yes, the dead will keep coming home and someone somewhere will use them as nothing more than self-serving props in a sick and twisted game designed to do little more than separate the rubes from their hard-earned dollars.

But when you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are, right? When you believe the words of a corrupt politician, or false prophet, or both, and you buy into their hidden agenda that is for the most part one version of greed or another, maybe a little power-tipping thrown in mostly for no reason other than they can, well, the deeper the rabbit holes the less the disinfectant rays of the sun can shine upon you, and illuminate the truth.

Did it ever strike anyone other than me a Fox News hole is indeed very similar to a rabbit hole? A sink hole? I wonder if old Rupert laughs about that one from time to time. Sort of his way of saying “See? I told you so.” Greedy bastard that he is.

Is this to say I am a fan of MSM? The answer might surprise you. I am not. I am a firm believer that every channel on television, radio, the internet, would run nothing but paid advertising all day, every day if they could. If you don’t believe me, then what the hell is “product placement”? What treacherous mind thought that up?

Official sponsorships? Who in their right mind cares if Toyota is, as I suspect the official sponsor of the Taliban and similarly situated Middle-Easter terrorist groups? You laugh, but next time you see a Taliban truck with a machine gun mounted on the back, well, it probably isn’t a Ford F150 or anything RAM tough from GM.

On the other hand, where does the Taliban get all those black Escalades from? I often wonder if they have an exclusive, high volume discount for all their terror needs? Why, in my most cynical of moments, I have been known to wonder whether we will one day see terrorist groups of all shapes and sizes the world over become the official sponsors of the road warrior vehicles of their choice? I can see it now, can you?

Hey, if Russia, North Korea and Turkey can become our “best friends” over all our actual global allies, then anything, and I mean anything can happen, if you wish upon a star.

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