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Communique "The Infidels Among Us" 4-20-2022

Once again, I find myself being told what the difference is between the Old and the New Testament. The Old Testament has apparently been relegated to the status of a collection of instructional stories that were never meant to be true depictions of the nature of the relationship between the above and the below.

Of course, it goes without saying the New Testament finds itself in a new light, under which the “problems” of the Old Testament are exposed and subject to revision accordingly.

Although interesting if not somewhat audacious in the broad, sweeping stroke of its negativity and eventual goal of nihilism as the way forward, I believe it is important to explain the fallacy in this paradigm.

The Old Testament, aka the First Five Books of the Bible, are not merely stories. A quick refresher and read reveals God’s wisdom and laws given to not the “chosen” people, as in ascend to heaven and live by God’s side, but that the Jews were the tribes God chose to live among on Earth.

It was therefore necessary to spell out as it were the rules of engagement, including instruction for what we would call today regulations for the health, welfare and benefit of the community.

Rules regarding what to eat, what to wear, and common sense how to avoid those vices that are simply not safe, or “unclean” not in a spiritual sense, but as practical application in a world that did not understand the basic tenets of bacteria, viruses and how they could so easily be contracted from any number of sources, including uncooked pork, raw shellfish where food storage was a never-ending battle.

Remember, these are the days when refrigeration was unknown, and the rules were mostly centered around salt it or lose it. There were some innovations in preservation, canning, and unleavened bread, but for the most part eating as a practical matter was fraught with peril.

And when one is hungry? No doubt a great deal of caution was summarily dispensed with when faced with imminent starvation. Oh, don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of more spiritualized aspects of the Old Testament where the wisdom is invaluable for those who are willing to see it, in the form of allegory or not.

But surely, not fables to be easily discarded in favor of cherry picking the parts you “like” in order to justify any position other than love, peace, serenity and the right to follow your own path toward knowing God.

Mine is a joyful, playful God. One who wants us to live life, always striving to live in the manner and way in which He has instructed us. He is kind and generous for giving us the blessings of his unfathomable knowledge while truly, expecting so little in return.

What should this teach us? That to believe in what we believe is paramount, but harmful, anti-social activities that threaten us all as a collective should be avoided. There is no “food-chain” or “pecking-order” to base any preconceived notion of who deserves salvation and who does not. Under God’s patient, and I do mean patient, guidance, we all do.

It is my position that God did not mean for his children to grow up in a compound, surrounded by pedophiles practicing incest as a “natural” means of becoming more God-like. I find the very notion sickening.

Why, throw in an arsenal of weapons purchased on fraudulently attained credit cards and it will be the next coming of David Koresh and the Branch Davidians. B-B-Q anyone?

The power to change must include the right to explore, discover and change. Does change come at a price? Perhaps, but what is the alternative? Isn’t there a hidden cost for failing to implement the newer, the better, the more enlightened?

God gave us science. We learn and we apply. It works, we go on. It doesn’t? Then try and try again. Wouldn’t we all be far better off if everyone admitted that science cannot challenge God’s will?

It can only help show us the way forward and onto a path although intentionally imperfect, as in learning from one’s mistakes, something God has also given us the right to do as we seek to know Him in all his celestial glory.

We strive not because we can, but because it is part of His plan. He wants you to be happy to go forward and multiply, or divide, or subtract. Math is not evil. Well, maybe algebra and possibly calculus, but let’s leave that topic for another time.

Unfortunately, it’s even sadder when I realized that so many of my brothers and sisters can only find their salvation in limiting, if not annihilating yours and my right to worship as we see fit and to act in a certain manner in order to maintain their “piety” and “devotion” to what amounts to a bitter, cruel, jealous and unjust monarch in the sky.

Going back to the theme of proper social order and conscience as part of the plan, the desire to exclude others from their destiny as an essential element of their own game plan for redemption becomes the basis for horrific acts causing enormous pain, suffering and grief for acts easily preventable.

The recent Covid-19 Virus catastrophe is a perfect example of this warped application of survival of the fittest, even though the heartiest of us may not survive. Science could have saved us, but ignorance in the form of “superiority” of faith, belief, race, and gender got in the way. Last time I looked, no one ever ascended by killing the innocent.

When outright death and destruction is no longer an issue, the infidels move to subjection and slavery, this time, involving men, women, and even children forced into a life they should not have to endure, perhaps as destitute, often sick and distracted. When did you say the latest Kardashian show is on?

Now, we are faced with another affront to basic dignity, this time aimed at the most vulnerable of us all. Children. I’m talking about grooming child brides for the life a bunch of old male perverts, and some women mind you, believe is the way to eternal happiness in service to the Lord.

Better to be indoctrinated into an all-white, patrimony driven society than have “those” folks even suggest their “alternative” lifestyles to those young and impressionable souls. Mixed Marriage? LGBTQ lifestyle? The practice of worship in the vein of one’s own choice? Not if they can help it.

For you see, “grooming” and pedophilia are terms that suddenly only apply to heathens who would turn our youth from the “true path” of God. Forced matrimony at say, the tender ages of 10-12? No problem. No abortion means more white babies and so it all comes down to “replenishing” the white race to stop the tide of the browning of America.

For you see at its core, Anti-abortion activists are racists. Unfortunately, when we forget the separation of Church and State, we have a situation where the full might of righteous vengeance gets thrown into the mix. That is how likes of the Marjorie Taylor Greens, Matt Gaetz and Lauren Boeberts find themselves in positions of authority with access to the highest level of government. In this case all the way to the Congress.

When confronted with facts the “conservative”, gun carrying, anti-health, anti-science, motivated by decades long indoctrination of racial animus and of course “godless democrats”, they choose to run and hide. Mostly behind misrepresentations of scripture, but every so often by offering their own brand of truth, as if it were anything more than legend, legacy and illusion, all the same.

Terrible way to waste one’s life, don’t you think?

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