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Communique "The Honeymooners Phase" 4-1-2021

We have all known someone who has been in an abusive relationship. It is also likely that you as an outsider looking in have wondered about the victim “Why Don’t They Leave”? The answer is often complex and requires a look at the emotional state of the victim, lack of self-esteem comes to mind.

Then there are cycles of patterns and abuse at the personal and societal level that urge the abused party to “ride it out” or other such nonsense, as if somehow enduring even more levels of physical and mental pain and violence is the right thing to do. And so they stay attached to and looking for answers from the same person who is causing their pain, anguish and suffering.

Often the victims of an abusive relationship do not even realize they are in one. Isn’t it true society has a way of “normalizing” unhealthy behaviors? Under these circumstances it would be very difficult to identify your relationship as abnormal, hurtful much less toxic. So why seek help?

Another common belief in America is that short of actual acts of violence, there is no abuse this despite societies general admission that there are three types of abusive relationships, physical, mental and emotional from which to choose from. Yet anything short of violence? They stay.

Then there are those situations where even the presence of violence does not in and of itself allow the victim the mindset they need to leave. One of the hallmarks of an abused partner is they tend to believe that if they stick it out, things might change, even get better. Unfortunately and except in the rarest of occasions, they won’t and they don’t. Until they leave.

And this is where I started to think about the event of January 6th, 2021 at the Capitol Building (Explosion Phase) and I started to wonder even after all of the open and notorious acts of violence on display for anyone and everyone who wanted to see them saw them, why do Republicans stay in what is clearly an abusive relationship with those who rule at the top of the party apparatus?

First the Trump supporters, the MAGAs gave everything and do nothing except an expectation of unyielding loyalty no matter the wrongs were foisted upon them with a virtual guarantee of getting nothing in return. And they got nothing. Yet still they stay.

Next, as the infiltration of madness continued to poison the once proud GOP, with eyes wide open, the party all but declaring it was no longer a political party for democracy at all, and would if it has its way with the American electorate would turn us into a fascist state where one person would speak for us all. His will supreme to all else, and get this, so sayeth their God.

Still we hear the false prophesies that one day the worst, most abusive president America has ever endured will return to manipulate, misdirect, deceive, lie, cheat and steal our democracy, dignity and natural rights to life liberty and the pursuit of our happiness. Not theirs mind you, but ours, no matter the cost. If this isn’t an abusive relationship, I don’t know what is.

Before you answer, perhaps it would be useful to “re-frame” the situation into something a bit more simple, familiar and easy to understand by comparison.

You are in a relationship with an abuser, step one, that make you the abused. One of things your abusive partner has told you is they will protect you from harm, in this case, they will protect you from all enemies both foreign and domestic. Then you realize your supposed benefactor has no intention of protecting you from anybody, not even from them.

In fact, you finally come to discover you are a mere pawn to them, nothing more than a small, cog in a power for power’s sake machine. If you fall, break, or worse, show even the slightest hint of disloyalty you are out to be unceremoniously replaced by the next unsuspecting Q addled victim who will toe the line, the “line” being their line, that is.

And so, as you on the receiving end continue to watch the horrors unfold, the daily deception, degradation and disgrace we now freely associate with the Trump Era you find you have tied your future to a mob of low level thugs, who believe in a pay to play system or scheme of government we used to call bribery and corruption. To see the good being punished, harassed, and unnecessarily treated with draconian actions in a kind of overkill of those “we” don’t like.

Soon we see racism, white supremacy as a theory of Making America Great Again (MAGA) while promoting systematic privilege in a blatant effort to appeal to those who would possibly cast their vote in their favor and always, always to promulgate and promote the next power grab in an effort to grow the con, the scheme, the scam, the flim-flam, the latest grift, to confuse and consolidate, mollify and if necessary terrify those who still march to a different, demented as all get out drum.

Then came the disdain. The outward hatred for those who were taken advantage of, were fooled. Little did they realize the party they had slavishly followed for years without question, was gone. In its place? A small, miserable man, leading a small and miserable minority of a minority that due to a fluke of the obsolete Electoral College managed to find himself in control. The classic tools of the oppressor, the abuser, control and abuse once again being used to placate and if necessary eliminate all opposition voices, no matter the price.

Recently, we learned the Trump Administration’s pay to play (bribery) as valid American policy was just the tip of their need for unmitigated and unending greed. Next, let the record show once the vault doors to the US Treasury and importantly, our tax dollars, the appearance of a conscious, overt effort to deprive themselves of nothing as a way of life with luxury and privilege. Was anything off limits for this group of monsters? Or did they exist in large part to prove that the laws of the land were of little consequence and they were indeed above the law. Oh, don’t kid yourself, they tried. Why, Trump himself made himself out to be a golden calf, a graven image and false idol worthy of Biblical consideration. His followers? Why, they bowed and prayed at the feet of a non-religious, liar, hypocrite, charlatan and abuser of numerous individuals and now, of the masses.

Then it got worse. In what can only be described as the actions of a psychopath, enjoying the spoils of their patently evil deeds became ever the sweeter if their villainous and vile actions often laced with atrocities took place at you, yours and/or my expense, or any combination thereof, including the suffering of innocent children.

In short, rule by causing chaos, by lying, misinformation, and gas lighting, and then on the back end, feasting upon the ensuing misery and tears of the masses as if it were a fine wine fit for tyrants and kings.

If today’s GQP reminds you of a collective of serial killers/child molesters/traitors and vermin in general you are not alone. You might be asking yourself after four years, how can this still be happening? I don’t know. You tell me?

If you consider yourself a member of the Republican Political Q and/or Insurrection Party and you are not one of the high and mighty, the chosen ones, as they would have you believe, who prefer to reign hell, making rules of governance subject to their unquenchable thirst for power and own personal gain, this paradigm increasingly being demonstrated by the continuing and escalating selfish and uncaring acts of those you voted for to represent your interests.

Now, you find yourself subject to what has become a series of what can only be described as actions the root cause of which indicate the arrival of an even newer breed of an even more deeply disturbed sun crazy haunted by a toxic blend of entitlement, fever dreams and evil with “self-control”, empathy and any sense of what is right continues to become smaller and smaller in the rear-view mirror.

Now, we are at that stage where the people who don’t care about you are large and in charge at several key levels. The government is still full of persons who find you to be nothing more than the cannon fodder for their egotistical power grab. Their greatest pleasure being to break taboo whenever, wherever and with whomever they please.

In the world of “conservative” politics, every above needs a below. Every bottom a top. Every pinnacle of misdeeds requires an ocean of tears on which to float. It is a dystopia of the mind that requires lawbreakers to break the law, otherwise, how can one claim to be above the law?

In the words of the ultimate wrongdoer for the sake of doing wrong, Trump, it is the most treasured of all excuses to not have an excuse at all, rather, to admit your “guilt” and then ingloriously declare as if it were a “what are you going to do about it?” and if you do nothing, why then, you are complicit too. Of course if that fails, then he never did it and if he did it will somehow magically be your fault.

Where is the morality in this I ask? It doesn’t surprise me that the wicked among us are willing to take advantage of a “flaw” in humanity called ignoring the obvious in favor of fantasy and when translated into your basic fake religion that is more often than not, nothing more than a money-making, recently evangelical profiteering upon the misplaced faith of their followers laundering the soul scheme in return for the right to own expensive mansions, drive fast cars, and exploit the masses as signs of rights not afforded but to the few at the expense of the many. Preying upon the faith of the most unaware, unknowing yet trusting of us, and then pointing to your lavish lifestyle as proof of God’s existence?

That somehow, in a very dark corner of a severely twisted mind, following laws of God, starting with the 10 Commandments, or sending a donation you can’t afford to someone who doesn’t need it except to feed his/her greed and ego it is an act of charity and therefore a binary, one or the other choice of equal merit. If you feel the need to pause and reflect for a moment or two, please feel free to do so. That is what at this moment I need to do.

Perhaps the saddest of all thoughts I can associate with this predator/victim/political/sectarian dynamic is the inability of the victim to see they are justifying their individual conduct in tandem with those of their predator as a product born of the heart and soul. You know, faith.

Faith that no matter how many end of times “Q” tells his followers that the treacherous, demeaning of all we know to be good, false prophet and American Idol Trump will suddenly return to the White House to resume his rightful place as the slayer of pizza topped with entrails, extra blood on top eating democratic pedophiles who do not exist except through blind acceptance of the words born of madman’s willful, often gleeful misuse of the public trust for his or her own rapacious no amount of fill in the blank, be it money, sex, power, sin, can ever fill the black hole and void within the ultimately sad and lonely, headed toward morbidity and ultimate failure, who always somehow sanctimonious when dealing with the masses of souls who do I believe truly want to live a pious, if not virtuous life, in emulation and awe of the one Lord, and they can’t see it.

Their self-induced by free will spiritual blindness being nothing more than again falling prey to, being the victim of a slavish devotion to the temporary, material world in the form of several bent out of shape until they can’t be bent any more (or can they?) rhymes, rationales and reasons that can tame the mind for a bit, but have no effect whatsoever upon the heart or the soul. This disconnection is critical if we are to correct the current disconnect between paying for a conscientious, divine life, and actually living one.

It is still my contention that we all know when we are doing right, and when we are doing wrong. When we have heard the words of our Creator, yet continue to seek out and “find” loopholes to His clear and righteous guidance beginning with the fulfillment of our responsibilities under the Ten Commandments.

My God is loving and forgiving. He does not expect perfection from us as we are all here to learn whatever it is we need to learn before we can arrive back at where we all came from, by His side. You know, home.

Further, there is no one person, prophet, politician or cosmic joker or prankster who has or can otherwise show you a completed map you don’t already have access to. This is the fate of all who live upon this, a world of lies and illusion when the truth is all around you, all the time.

We often hear people ask, “If you could choose one thing to change the world, what would it be?” The answers are often something to do with ending of hunger, or granting world peace both laudable goals to be sure.

But me? I would say granting each and everyone one of us the hope, spirit and freedom that comes with the understanding that we all will return to where we came, that no person, persons, or institutions no matter how big or small can change that, and that the way home is already imprinted within us and exists in its totality around us. All we need to do is follow letting the heart and the soul lead us to what we not think, but know to be true. That would be my wish. You?

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