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Communique "Qwazy Daze" & Qeymo Lounge Update 2-17-2021

I took one of those Internet “if this then that” test to determine what kind of a MAGA I would be. As it turns out based on my birth month, favorite color and first initial, I would believe that AOC invented the Covid-19 virus to infect children kidnapped by the radical left pedophile cannibals being held until they are sold at auction to the highest bidder in a secret prison camp on the dark side of the moon. Uncanny, isn’t it?

Honestly, this revelation got me to wondering what it would be like to be a complete QMoron, or when used as an adjective, Qpid? It’s one thing to believe that any made up story involving aliens, Elvis, or Big Foot, is gospel taken for gospel truth, but it is quite another to apply tabloid trash tactics into what for some passes as legitimate political discourse.

I can see the Q Party of clearly lunar tics 2024 political campaigns already. You tried everything else, why not a crazy never met a conspiracy theory he didn’t like Neo-Nazi blame it on barefoot and starving women and children who are still being held in concentration camps on our Southern border candidate for (fill in the blank). Why, the campaign just writes itself, doesn’t it?

Slogans would be short, bumper sticker ready and plentiful. “Vote Q: We’re bat guano crazy, but you still want the wall, right?” “Live B-B-Q or die!” “Broken Prophesies & Broken Promises” and “If you don’t know the difference between an Insurrection and the Resurrection, then we are the party for you!”

Possible Q Party Policy Planks would be “Voodoo Doll Economics”, “Gang Greene Energy 4 All”, “Comprehensive Immigration? What’s that?” and “Vote Q for a meth lab in every garage and a child in every pot.” The possibilities are truly endless.

Possible legislative change could include a new look at the First Amendment amending the right to free sheep, I mean speech with the right to answer any legitimate question or comment with “I know you are but what am I?”

Or, when it comes to the Free Exercise Clause, “Religious Freedom for me! You? Not so much.” Another winner at the ballot box sure to haul in the ever important morally corrupt K Street crowd as well as intolerant zealots of all kinds.

I love it when persons challenged by logic regarding their perhaps a bit too literal interpretations of the Bible say, “We don’t like being told what to believe in these parts” and yes, I have heard those exact words, when all I was asking is that you think for a spell before you waste your precious right to believe, well, what you believe.

I must say, one of the mysteries revealed over the last four years has been the number of what I would otherwise think of as normal people is how popular a political party that prides itself on a platform of policies virtually bereft of love, kindness or caring plus a complete lack of empathy would prove so popular. But it did, and apparently still does.

I’m still amazed at a supposed political party that seeks to “own you” although they are still paying off their maxed-out credit cards buying guns they never needed, failing to pay the mortgage on their trailer, and dodging the repo men trying to hang onto the old Ford Pinto that had clearly seen better days, but at least the gas tank hasn’t exploded yet. Why, it seems to me these are the very people who should know better than trying outright own anything, much less anyone who probably has a 50-point IQ advantage as a baseline. Truth hurts? Exactly. That’s why they don’t use it. Here’s my nurse. Going to see the wizard. Be back shortly.

Short meetings generally mean good news and today’s visit was short indeed! My labs are fine, my kidney and liver functions (very important) are better than ever, or at least post-cancer, my hemoglobin is finally, finally within normal range (14.0) and my anemia is showing signs of significant improvement. My marker is slightly up, but nowhere near the “red zone”.

In two weeks, we will be scheduling an additional PET scan, and if all is well (all indicators being it should) we’ll schedule my liver surgery to get rid of that micro dot of cancer left and…DONE by late April or early May. That’s done as in cancer free, or at least in deep remission free.

And, with my immune system bouncing back and seeing as I am on schedule to receive my Covid-19 vaccine any day now, it’s looking as if my gift to myself, a trip to Hawaii in August could very well be a reality.

Once again, in the words of one of my imaginary spirit guides, Tiny Dragon, “unlike the fool, do not seek to ride on the back of a tiger. Rather, be like the dragon, and learn to soar in the wind.” Thank you, Tiny Dragon who sits on my shoulder and is content whispering endless words of wisdom in my ear.

With that said, I do believe I’ve had enough wisdom and chemo for one day. Qeep the faith(less) and let the farce be with you.

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