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Communique "Joe 'Thurston' Manchin Howls III" 10-18-2021

­Joe “Thurston” Manchin Howls III

When it comes to not on my watch get off of my yacht Joe Manchin, he is at this point of his so-called life so maniacal, misguided and arrogant he seems to truly believe he and his cronies/family are role models for success, and if We, the People dare imagine a future where everyone is entitled, yes I used that word, to their fair share based upon their hard work and ambition, regardless of whether they are willing to kill coal miners and insulin users for nothing more than profit.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Manchin has convinced at least himself that somehow making him and his ALEC inspired by Ronald Reagan whose legacy is unraveling as we speak, goon squad happy (if that is possible) healthy, and wealthy, but let’s forget wise, is in our, you know, We, the People’s best interest.

That somehow, the misery he and lately his partner in crime, yes, accepting bribes is a punishable offense, Senator Sinema are not only continuing, but due to the sensitivity of the moment in our recovery from four years of ineptitude and torture, will build character, while not producing a single job and condemning the poorest among us to remain destitute, unable to share in our economic comeback due to common main street issues as diverse as lack of health care, child care, transportation and unable to contribute to society.

This is what passes for a touchdown in Manchin & Co.’s insane circle of hoodlums pretending to be “businessmen”. The problem is when they score, We, the People all lose. To think, at the bottom of it all is nothing more than a Senator from West Virginia, a beautiful, but let’s be honest, state that represents a fraction of the population of the American population, protecting the fossil fuel industry, while Arizona Senator Sinema does her bit for Big Pharma, all to our national disgrace and individual detriment.

It is true for every successful person, one, if not more, persons must fail? Of course not. Yet to hear the sickening, corrosive silence between Manchin’s words as he lies his way through interview after town hall after television appearance and the press without so much as a blink of his hollow, uncaring eyes is to recognize a sadist admiring his best work to date.

Have we as a society decided our model representative for these times would be Jack The Ripper? Cool, cold, yet somehow flashy, headline grabbing and efficient, with a desire to turn every murder into an event, and then via a little touch of Stalinesque magic, a genocide and hence, turn each individual victim into a statistic?

Should it still surprise us that Manchin is the crown prince of protecting the industry that wrote the book on predatory business practices? The industry that can’t wait to dump their toxic and radioactive coal dust into our rivers, lakes, and into our air? For profit? In a coal dying industry for which there are no buyers?

The industry that systematically suckers in the miners through the promise of a sustainable life, with the pay-off being a pension that through a series of if not flat-out illegal applications of bankruptcy laws, in this instance creating a sham company that holds no assets except the company’s pension debts, and hence “bankrupt” seeks to discharge those “obligations” through you guessed it, the US Bankruptcy system?

Let’s be clear. On top of Old Smokestack Joe is not only OK with completely destroying the later years of persons who did nothing but work their lives away so he could get filthy rich, he’d be the first one to stand in line at the Bankruptcy teller’s window, filing the necessary paperwork for no other reason than in his warped little mind stuck somewhere in the 1850s or so thinks it’s a good business practice. Why? Because it makes him and his family of vultures who just can’t resist picking the bones clean richer.

And, even better? It’s cruel. You don’t think astronomically jacking up the prices of insulin for patients who have done nothing wrong but get diabetes and sleeping well at night knowing someone will die due to your greed isn’t a sign of mental illness? That oil instead of sunshine is what drapes the California coastline? That Chernobyl is still leaking? Pipelines directly under aquifers? Although the world is flush with oil, and yes, it is, exorbitant gas prices? Fracking? The list of oil-based marketplace insanity goes on and on.

Of course, this is not to say we are better off with the Elon Musk new technology so it must be ok, Musky is a union buster who thinks because he works “hard” or “long hours” he deserves every wretched cent he can pry from his workers’ hands. You know, that Elon, he thinks about stuff. Big stuff, brainy stuff, important stuff.

He also produces children out of wedlock with musicians and gives them funny names. Is the guy really “all there”? In my estimation/opinion, probably not, but then again, in this day and age where our old Victorian legend Jack is the model CEO, what’s the problem? They called Nikola Tesla crazy, but it was only because he wanted to build towers that emitted a grid of energy for the entire world, for free.

Bad Nikola! Good Elon. If you can’t contribute to society, much less transform it for profit, well then, your technology is not wanted around here. Apparently, there is no future in energy for anyone except for businessmen that create luxury products the average consumer can’t afford to buy.

Oh, and while we are on the subject, how much did you say each five minutes or so rocket flight into lower orbit cost? Uh huh. Another playground/toy for rich folk. Can’t wait to see all the benefits from privately owned, commercial spaceflights for the wealthy bestows upon the general population.

As with NASA, can we at least expect to get Velcro, aluminum foil, and Tang out of the bargain? Or are We, the People going to get stuck paying for all the holes these “starships” are ripping in our atmosphere? Didn’t know that did you? They do and as wholly predictable, they don’t care. They get the donut and we get the hole. Classic, I tell you, classic.

Or, We, the People can pass the biggest forward-looking and transformative infrastructure package of all time and leave from Manchin to Musk and all the greedy little weasels in-between in the cosmic coal dust for them to keep in their little scrapbook of horrors. I hear this type likes to keep souvenirs of their exploits for future gratification, just like our old pal and serial killer Jack T. Ripper.

Yeah, it’s like that and as Rocky Mountain Joe from somewhere near the Poconos would say, “What are you going to do about it?” Cause that’s how these cats roll. Pass the damn Infrastructure Bills now!

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