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Communique "In Unity We Trust"

A cultivated willingness to listen is not a sign of weakness or submission. It is a valuable ability to accept or reject, without prejudice, the half-baked, fully baked, or perhaps brilliant thoughts relating to their perceptions of this shared phenomena we call life.

The master is neither passive or aggressive, interested or uninterested., just present, the moments speaking for themselves. It is the practical application of realizing fleeting thoughts are nothing more than the same fabric that makes up our dreams, and possibly what is currently referred to as “dark matter”.

It is worth noting dark matter is not dark. It is mass not capable of being made visible to human eyes by the illumination qualities of light. It also does not logically follow that one or more of our senses is not capable of discerning the existence and effects of forces beyond our somewhat limited capacity to “see” that which cannot be perceived by the human eye.

The dichotomy (and harmony?) between the empirical and the ethereal worlds has over the years been somewhat reduced by scientific research to matters of size, microscopic, quanta and the illusive, supposedly definitive singularity theory of physics, after which there is, well, that is the big question isn’t it? Or is it?

What is meditation but a metaphysical inquiry into the existence of another world? We assume a realm where the “secret” of the inter-connectivity or oneness of the universe is revealed? We are a curious species, and we seek comprehension, understanding and explanations of the unknown (unknowable?) the confounds and alludes us.

It should be all but obvious the goal of self-realization, ordered chaos in a chaotic world is not the goal. Our destination and destiny are not to gaze into the void and become all wise and powerful (sorry Obi Wan), but to become that which is, well, staring back at us until the illusory mirror of self-actuating awareness of our individuality is finally shed as freely and easily as we would our now noticeably cumbersome former flesh, blood and skin.

Prayer is very similar in scope and nature to reflection, contemplation and meditation. As it is faith based, it requires a certain acknowledgment of the existence of a “being” capable of petition. They say all prayers are answered, but sometimes the answer is no.

Yet, having grown up as part of a God-fearing religion, I can’t help but wonder why, other than the tacit admission to the existence of a supreme being, what matters the answer? The true value is the act of contrition with the greater glory being the acceptance and refrain from questioning the perfection of his plan for us, according to His comprehensive and benevolent will.

In 2017, I was diagnosed with 4th Stage cancer. At first, I was devastated. Yet as time and my treatments moved forward, I was able to grasp and appreciate my diagnosis and condition as the blessing and gift it continues to be.

What worth can I attach to even the opportunity to change my ingrained earthly conceit and accept the previously unacceptable as my fate, not seen through the lens of samsara but, well, as it was already written in the times of sand, to be? Or not be, as the case may be?

For those of you reading this thinking I’m living in a world of perpetual bliss, you may wish to reconsider your position. Cancer is a debilitating and spirit-stealing thief that drags you back and forth over the limits of human misery, suffering and yes, physical degradation and pain. I do not wish it on anyone.

I also do not wish a lifetime of ignorance and arrogance upon anyone who thinks their feverish night sweat inducing dreams of illuminati lizard people serving pizza to pedophiles with an extra side of Q-sauce passes for legitimate political discourse. Yet here we are. I have my cross to bear, and apparently, so do they (you?).

If the media is worthy of our attention and praise as a fair arbiter of the state of the union (it’s not) we would believe the partisan divide and polarization of America is here to stay.

At least for a little while longer until some nitwit network executives decide Dumb Old Trump no longer plays with the rubes inclined to order anything that offers a second one at no additional price, but for which additional shipping and handling charges may apply.

Oh, and don’t worry about filling in the monthly or yearly details by checking (or unchecking) any of the boxes that may affect your future payments, we’ll do that for you. Auto-pay on steroids. We take the wonder out of whether you are getting ripped-off or not. You are.

When these same seemingly ill-informed and unprepared citizens express these impulses as votes at the ballot box, they set loose upon the electorate process a grave misuse of our representative form of government. GQP primaries have become little more than a race to the bottom of the darkest lagoon.

Exclusion of all but the most faithful of the intolerant, racist and resentful, is the essential goal. If you are not already brain-dead or deranged (both?) or susceptible to suggestion enough to be part of our party and vote for the tomato, pineapple and banana -oil salesman of our choice, well, no donuts for you, lefty.

I imagine this could make for some awkward moments at Sunday services. Trips to the Piggly Wiggly or the DMV (what is she doing in a government office?) Isn’t it true for some persons conformity, fitting-in and belonging is a necessary and integral part of life?

So, “purity” in thought, manner and outward expression is tantamount even if it means going over the ledge (you first?) into a rabbit-hole that leads to the center of the Earth, where cave men and dinosaurs live peacefully in co-existence, with the surface dwellers above none the wiser.

The question for me has become, is it better to try to change the minds of persons who have no apparent incentive to do so, or simply seek out and “discourse” (bitch, moan, drink, feel better?) with those already in the choir?

Or and hear me out now, is there a middle road for those who are not terribly interested or impressed with pre-conceived notions of modern day two parties can possibly represent the social, economic and cultural interests and make rote decisions for 100% of those capable of representation? Yes, no, this, or that? A binary choice between dual evils is still evil. So, how about we take the road not taken. It’s not starting another political apparatus to further gum up the works, it is, I suggest a newfound respect and importance for one word. Unity.

My definition of unity is simple. It is to accept that in America, agreeing or not agreeing, believing or not believing, praying or not praying, or any one activity is not going to determine the future success and exceptionalism we can achieve together.

Unity acknowledges a willingness to accept, to add not subtract, a commitment to hear views possibly 180 degrees from our own and get this, consider carefully the full spectrum of possibilities and if appropriate, wait.

Unity or bust. A way to respectfully and jointly make our way out the black hole of dissent we have all cynically allowed ourselves to be willing participants. The way out can never be to hate the haters, discriminate against the discriminators, show intolerance toward the intolerant.

Neither must we show honor to those who have none. Offer deference or credibility to ideas based on greed, power or overt personal interest. We must move beyond winners and losers. In unity, we all win. Without it, we all lose. Is the phrase a house divided against itself cannot stand coming to mind?

Remember this my friends, every vote counts including theirs. When a ballot is cast in either direction it sets into motion the possibility of action and change, inertia and regression, with terrible results never all that far away.

In unity we don’t have that problem. For unity includes shared responsibility for the plight and direction of our America. For better or for worse (and ever worse?) in unity we rise and fall as one. The successes, the failures, the achievements and the shame all fall on all shoulders equally.

In unity the blame game becomes the lame game. What good is it to blame someone for actions they took in the interest of unification? You don’t. You go back to the drawing board, together, and fix it. Eliminate the minority and you eliminate the majority. One cannot exist without the other.

As for compromise, isn’t that the “details” we elect our officials to address? In union, not uniformity do we find the true meaning of governance of, by and for the people. If my 63 years on this planet has taught me anything, you won’t change anyone by “calling them out”.

Maybe not so much cocaine fueled hot tub orgies but warming the waters of political discourse with a c’mon in, the water is fine attitude will attract more fish. Salt and vinegar? That is for the heirs of fish stick empires to consider as they continue to poison the minds of our nation for nothing but a false sense of power through destruction and greed.

If unity be our destination, where do we start? How about here? In the moment where everything tangible is translated into the human lexicon. How about in silence? I’ve had enough righteous indignation for a lifetime. Loud does not mean right and it is a tacit admission of emotions over matter. How about with no pre-conceived notion of how your next conversation may come from and what that person might say? Good bad or indifferent? No decisions necessary, just listening, in the moment, to the possibly genuine and heart-felt lamentations of your fellow Americans?

Had enough? Walk away. If nothing else, I would end with something along the lines of giving you something to think about. Funny part is that is true. How does it hurt you to show civility under pressure?

I don’t know about you, but I make it a habit to get along with my neighbors, no matter who or what they are. That didn’t mean I needed to refrain from putting my Biden/Harris sign on my front lawn. I did. Did I get dirty stares? Sure did. Funny thing is, since that time two of my hardest core MAGA neighbors have moved away.

Of course, I’m still here and metaphorically speaking, they’ll be back. I know they will. In the meantime, I am purposefully patient yet persistent, cautiously optimistic, yet realistic. I think about unity in the mind and body of the politic electric. I ponder the saying “What is normal to the spider is chaos to the fly.”

And then I think, is there really such a thing as organized chaos? Or is owning the world truly a matter best left to a coin-toss? I don’t think so. But some people do and would make it a “one-sided” coin if they could.

My advice? Continue to listen and you continue to learn. Be patient and show some humility from time to time for no one is “right” all the time. Do nice things because you want to not because you expect something in return and please, please, please be good to yourselves. Who’s in?

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