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Communique "Dinner is You Got Served" 7-1-2021

Dinner is You Got Served

Did you hear that sound? No, not the ringing in your ear, but it is the chiming bell. No, another angel did not get its wings. It is a dinner announcing the guests to take their seat just in time for the first course of a banquet prepared in Hell. All courtesy of your host, a puzzling man of wealth and taste who has decided it is time for Trump, his associates and his extended crime family to finally give the devil his due.

And, due to the modern miracle of social media, the Internet and to some degree cable news, we are all going to get a front row seat at what promises to be if nothing else a PPV worthy cage match, no holds barred (including Bill Barr) cautionary tale of a mix of justice and revenge, with probably too much arrogance and not enough regret to change the course of a series of unfortunate events many decades in the making.

Oh, Trump will not be the first person who went on trial for selling his soul. In fact, it is a common belief that the first person to sell his soul to the devil was St. Theophilus the Pentient, a 6th Century man of the cloth who reportedly bargained his soul away in return for political advancement and enhanced social status within the Church.

St. Theo whose legend is apocryphal in nature, included early allusions to signing a contract with Satan in one’s own blood and the conjuring of evil spirits including the devil, as an act attributable to the practice of witchcraft and a damnable sin in and of itself.

St. Theo’s tale of transgressions, woe and ultimate redemption is also valued for its early inclusion and descriptions of Mary’s ability to intercede with God on behalf of the sectarian shortcomings of humanity in matters related to forgiveness and redemption for heretic acts and mortal sins often dire in nature.

In the end, through a series of re-affirming acts of his renewed fealty to the Church, something along the lines of “hey I made a mistake, can I get a little (actually a lot) of help here?” divine intervention makes the boo-boo go away.

Funny part is, upon hearing of his absolution and re-admittance to the Church, St. Theo being so relieved from the fear and burden of demonic possession of his soul, dies on the spot from his sudden outburst of pious joy. I would say I do not expect this aspect of the tale to be repeated with Trump.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I do think it matters that one’s faith be genuine in nature, and I’m afraid pushing your way into a Church where you are not wanted for a photo op with an upside down Bible probably isn’t looking too good on Trump’s “greatest hits” demo tape.

No, I’m afraid for right now we are about to begin a televised sojourn into the actions of a madman and at least for now, how the laws of man are applied in situations where lying, cheating and stealing are codified into law for the purpose of identifying and punishing acts thought to be crimes against society and worthy of prohibition and if necessary retribution, in a cell, here on Earth. Probably not Epstein’s old cell, as no one is falling for the “suicide” bit, but, who knows? I thought it might be fun to reopen Alcatraz as a kind of penal colony for the lot of them, a sort of Trump’s Fantasy Island of Broken Toys. Maybe we could put old soggy orange bottom in Al Capone’s old cell. Sound good? It does to me.

If you are of like mind, I am content to have man take a whack at incarcerating these @sswads and then leave the eternal implications to His will, however those celestial chips may fall.

I would also remind that if you are a Resister, our work is far from done and if we can “move” beyond the ever-shrinking world of Trump, and with just a scintilla of faith in the Democrats, and not the GQP, that they too share our determination and zeal to see justice done, may I suggest we turn our attention to matters related to preventing this travesty of good governance from happening again.

In this area of future prevention, there is much work to be done and we must cast our net far and wide and scoop up the enablers, the bottom dwellers and scum suckers who for personal gain supported the Kingfish and his unholy agenda full of death, dying and a strange predilection for the application of cruelty whenever possible.

How do we do this? The same way we always have. We lead by example. First, we change our thoughts, in this case away from the past, and concentrate on how we can through our good deeds transform the world, one person, one deed at a time. For it is WE, the People who see our America reaching even greater heights by transforming our value system to not only include, but put forth front and center acts of kindness, compassion and love.

For it is right here, right now where the soul of America is going to play out. In the trenches of neighborhoods, creating social change for the better of the whole, not the few. With our renewed belief that the betterment of one, is the betterment of all and any denial of rights of one, is to the detriment of us all.

In short, we must return to our basic American heritage of helping those directly who need help, starting from the bottom up and not indulging in any fantasy about trickle down poverty, a term I have previously described as a travesty of good economics, common sense and where for some insane reason we now consider socialist corporate welfare as “capitalism”.

On that note, if you were to ask me where we can find the funds for what I hope is an ambitious project between We, the People and our government officials, I would suggest our partnership begins with the allocation of all corporate welfare and subsidies, particularly for companies that are already making record profits.

Does anyone have a problem with our tax dollars being spent directly on us, meaning the persons who 1. Pay taxes and; 2. Want to foster social change by utilizing our tax dollars to help those of us who are not as fortunate. Note this excludes millionaires, billionaires and mega corporations that pay no income tax. Can we do this? Of course.

This is America and we can do whatever it is We, the People, the patriots, the true Americans who act in the name of humanity, regardless of race, color, ethnicity, gender, sexual preference, religious persuasion as opposed to worshiping at the altar of the false idol called greed, which although not technically “illegal” the last time I looked a sin.

Can we call this The New Partnership With America? Where government at all levels “skips” over the useless corporate “middle men” with their unholy army of “lobbyists”, who have somehow managed to insulate their acts of corruption and bribery as anything but, for I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of hearing about “deals” that never happen. In the real world, if I no longer desire to work with my partner, I dissolve the partnership and take my dollars elsewhere.

I’m tired of paying for politicians at all levels of government giving themselves raise after raise without even a second thought to raising the basic federal minimum wage. I’m tired of giving my tax dollars to creeps like Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and future inmate Trump to fund their pensions for life with healthcare benefits for life, while they do nothing but spend their time trying to take away these very rights from individuals, you know, us.

The right to healthcare and a dignified retirement, affordable education, prison reform, while they and their out of touch with reality mega donor class, who from my perspective offer us little in return than the opportunity to have products either shipped to us, or picked up by us, from in-person and online super online malls and department stores, the main allure of which appears to be a few cents off the average competitor’s (small businesses come to mind) facilitated by part-time and temporary employees whose healthcare We, the People subsidize through our tax dollars?

Who would vote for that? We did. So, my fellow Resistors, starting today, what are we going to do about it?

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