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Communique 9-23-2020 "Soul Cages"

By Philip Drucker

I am officially horrified. Although many of you have rightly pointed out I should not waste my time trying to get the cro-MAGAnons to change whatever mind they have left, I feel it is important to remain, not a neutral figure, my views are well known, but one who does not automatically censor thoughts and views antithetical (and wrong) to mine.

Over yonder in these here parts the First Amendment is large and in charge and meaning as I have been known to say, in America you have a First Amendment right to say whatever stupid thing you want, but remember, I reserve the right to respond and not necessarily in kind as I prefer real discussions with real facts and not made up nonsense that makes me feel good about asserting white privilege or whatever is truly at the bottom of what can at this point only be described as sheer lunacy in a bottle with the lid clearly off.

But even I have my limits. And this, I cannot condone and must condemn. I would like to take the opportunity to remind everyone that there are still children being kept in cages on our Southern border. In fact, if recent stories regarding forced sterilization are true, as they appear to be, the list of Trump immigration “policies” in the so-called name of border protection and national security, now include atrocities perpetrated against humanity. This must stop. The cruelty must stop. The degradation of life must stop. These heinous actions which appear to be paving the way towards an American version of the Holocaust must stop.

In my wildest imagination, I could not imagine finding anyone, MAGA, 45 Death Cult, vampire, anyone with a soul making excuses for what in the real world are war crimes. Crimes against the spirit, crimes against the soul. Crimes against basic human decency and yes, crimes against all of God’s children. Then I read one.

If you are willing to delve into the at this point completely surreal world of MAGA, QAnon and death cults in general, you will find what seems to be a not quite an obsession, but a preoccupation with having completely off the wall with no factual basis concerns, or views, given serious evaluation by persons such as myself who live outside the self-imposed Manchurian Candidate style brain washing re-education camps and I think, meet them half way? I don’t know about you, but half way to insanity is pretty much insanity.

And so, against this backdrop, when I inquired as to why anyone in their right mind (I said it in a slightly nicer tone and way) could justify the continuation of Trump’s inhumanity toward the innocent and the meek among us, the answer was Obama did it. If that wasn’t bad enough, then there was allusion to Hillary, terrorists coming across the border, why oh why didn’t we build the wall when we had the chance (yes, it’s still alive and well) and what for me, is/was a bridge over troubled waters too far, scripture, in the form of the words of Jesus Christ.

Please, correct me if I am wrong. I’d love to be wrong. But, how can anyone even suggest that Christ’s message of love, kindness and understanding, if not love, for thy neighbor be interpreted as justification to even suggest Christ’s answer to the real or imaginary accusation Obama kept children in cages would be to “fix” the problem by allowing Trump to put yet more children in cages? Well, I’m sorry, but that is just plain sick. Drucker, does not do sick. He certainly doesn’t evaluate it. He gets as far away from it as he possibly can and he suggests you do the same.

This is his advice. If you are not practicing a religion, any religion, or no religion but a following a philosophy or path that allows for the caging of children because someone else who you don’t like did it, you at a minimum, need to check your passport to heaven for I think you will find you are one or two entry stamps short of what you perceive to be your final, resting place and celestial destination.

Know this, wicked is as wicked does and there is no rest for the wicked. Not here, and not above. There is so much wrong with this I hardly know where to begin, much less end. On top of the distasteful and cavalier manner that MAGA psycho-babble nut cases continue to dismiss the actions of their “savior” by referring to past figures, none of which have any power or position in Washington DC, and then expect to be “rewarded” with serious consideration and what, negotiation of two “competing” and “valid” views?

One connected to reality, one the caboose on the end of the crazy train? Well, that my friends is the very definition of sympathy for the devil, isn’t it? There is no halfway to heaven. There is no halfway to hell. There is just heaven and hell. As another Let’s say friendly political rival is fond of saying, she likes Trump because he understands that “freedom” is all about choices. Having the right to make choices, good or bad for oneself, and I imagine, no matter the consequences to anyone other than yourself?

And so, my MAGA friends, if you thought I was done with you think again. I have one last bombshell of a revelation for you. You have a choice. You can follow the teachings of your personal savior of choice, or you can follow Trump. You can’t do both. Love and hate cannot exist simultaneously in your heart of hearts. You know this to be true. Listen, what is your heart telling you? The choice is yours.

I will meet you halfway. I hope, pray and appeal to your inner spirit that you are given the strength, wisdom and fortitude to make the right call. Like elections, choices have consequences. Choose wisely.

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