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Communique 11-7-2020 "What Say Ye Cancer Boy?"

By Philip Drucker

What Does Cancer Boy Have to Say About All This?

I’m cold, sweaty, constipated and my stomach hurts. In other words, I feel great. I feel freedom and freedom feels so darn good. I feel pride for our nation for we have once again proven we are fit and ready to once again take our place as leader of the free world. With the election of Joe Biden, we can once again do what we do best and that is to lead by example.

That we as a nation are ready to proudly re-assume the mantle of Elijah and ignite the march of democracy and all that stands for, bringing back the blessings and good tidings of a country dedicated to democratic rule of, by and for the people. A nation that must never vanish from the face of the Earth. Now, in the face of almost certain adversity from those who would cower in the corners of darkness and despair, still placing their false hope in a false prophet, we must move forward. We the People, must forgive, but we need not forget.

In America, yes, we can means yes, we will! We will do whatever is necessary to get America back to where we need to be. We can and will rebuild our economy. We can and will take back the US Supreme Court. We can and will see that Equal Protection under the law means for all Americans, not for a handful of rich, mostly white with strange religious proclivities who discount the rights of those who disagree with their depiction of the only true Americans entitled to the protection of the laws are, well, rich mostly white and have strange religious, and I might mention sexual proclivities.

I’m thinking Jerry Falwell (he didn’t did he?) Jr. as my ideal poster boy of depravity as part and parcel of legitimate religious practice, but I’m sure you might know a televangelist or politician, or if you want to go the whole hog Mike Huckabee, who would fit the bill just as well and we can throw in the self-delusional in the name of the Lord and habitual liar of merit Sarah Sanders, just because we can.

Mitch McConnell and his misguided band of soon to be lying in their own self-made graveyard of public shame and ignominy. One day we will look back and wonder why we allowed such a hateful, villainous and completely bent on power for power’s sake group of I think it fair to say at this point religious zealots who wanted to return us to the good times of uninformed, uneducated slavish devotion to authority bereft the ability to rationally question their actions supposedly taken on our behalf.

If you are of the mind this group wants to tell you what is good for you, you are half the way there. What Mitch wants to do (and is doing) is tell you what is good for Mitch and Elaine and that somehow, what is best for this greedy, morally impaired duo of slightly more sophisticated that the average hustlers, chiselers, defrauders, gougers, scammers and swindlers, is best for you as well.

The funny part is roughly half the voting population in the USA apparently believes more dollar signs followed by more zeros in Mitch and Elaine’s no doubt numerous known and unknown bank accounts means prosperity for the rest of the We the People as well. Take in the donations, skim off the top, pay off the greasy wheels in Lexington, offer the hill people in Kentucky a few meaningless trinkets made of pork and voila! We have our portrait of what passes for a Senate Majority Leader in racist, bigoted and intolerant Trump country.

This is not America. Mitch and his ilk are the GOP swine herders among us who would take advantage of the goodness, the desire to help those less fortunate than ourselves so that everyone can prosper, that is the very foundation underlying America’s true greatness. America is great when we all have the right and ability to pursue our own happiness in our own way without government interference from those who would steal this most precious birthright of Americans.

In America, we don’t not have the right to be happy, but we do have the right to pursue happiness, by using our natural rights to life, liberty and the ownership of private property. This is called Due Process, or if you like, the government’s obligation to act with fundamental fairness in all matters involving the individual rights of the public that swear an oath to serve.

Yes, Virginia, we all still have Due Process Rights in America, and after the last four years of a rogue government abusing said rights every chance they got, we all must remember how to use them, effectively and that means always in the interest of the greater good, for peace, freedom and in the spirit of fundamental rights denied to even one member of society, is at best a degradation of everyone’s rights and must no longer be tolerated. Ready to go to work? If so you came to the right place for in America, We, the People;

· Damn the torpedoes and go full steam ahead. –John Paul Jones

· Don’t fire until we see the white of their eyes. –Battle of Bunker Hill (1775)

· Remember the Raisin! –War of 1812

· Remember the Alamo! –Texas Revolution (1836)

· Live Free or Die. –New Hampshire License Plates

· Have nothing to fear but fear itself. –Franklin Delano Roosevelt

· Know a house divided against itself cannot stand. -Abraham Lincoln

We, the People won’t stand for it. We have risen to the challenge of defending our democratic way of life by relegating a two-bit treacherous and traitorous miscreant in the White House who should have never been elected in the first place to his political exile earning his spot safely buried within the nameless and faceless confines of history’s circular file of arrogance, ignorance, incompetence, and infamy.

Will there be a rough road ahead? Probably, but when did that stop us before? Will we see the wicked among us get away scot free? Not likely. Criminal indictments and civil suits are around the corner and in numbers sure to fill Jill Wine-Banks of Watergate fame with prosecutorial delight. Glenn Kirschner too, I reckon.

Me? I’m glad I got to stick around to see everything that is happening. For today is a great day to be an American and might I add, just to be alive. Thank you for all your help for if you are reading this, you are the Resistance. #Resist

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