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Communique 11-20-2020 "Tea For The Tyrant"

By Philip Drucker

Tea for the Tyrant

I don’t know about you but I’d like to have a nice, quiet and restorative weekend where I feel confident the adults in the political playpen, or pigpen, take your choice, attend to their obligations to defend the nation from all harm both foreign and domestic with the Constitutionally stated goal of forming a more perfect union, for all. So much for the dream.

That won’t happen. Not this weekend anyway. Trump is still in power and importantly, he knows he’s lost the election, the clock to election certification and let’s call it his abdication, followed by his new life of constant litigation, prosecution, forfeiture, bankruptcy and incarceration, for him and his crime syndicate/family and friends is ticking.

When he finally cheats his way through the back nine and announces to the world he actually won the Masters Tournament, he will once again begin to wonder, how can I do the same thing to the American people? I’ve already grifted my way into the office by bamboozling this group of suckers and losers born every minute, oh yeah, another good reason to end abortion, can’t have too many rubes or rubles to fleece from can we, and not to gain, but maintain power. It can’t be all that hard, can it?

I mean, I’ve already turned the Presidency into a part-time maximize my potential earnings any way possible sweetest hustle of the new McGig economy, meaning with no guaranteed healthcare, pensions or financial security, but all all in the name of individuality and freedom scam, right?

Should I try a golden oldie? Seeing as making up new lies is so much harder at this point than recycling the old, hey! Isn’t recycling part of a green economy? Maybe even the liberals will like it. Let me see, got it! How about we build the wall to keep out those who would come here illegally and ruin our economy be taking the jobs no one wants anyway although they are suddenly “essential” and, wait for it, we put many great and wonderful solar panels on top! Brilliant! These are the thoughts of a stable genius. It is why I love me and why you should too.

In this spirit, I ask that all persons refrain asking whether Trump can legitimately “win” the election. He can’t. I know it, you know it and he knows it. Everyone knows it. His only path to “victory” is to beg, borrow, and steal the election from the President Elect, Joe and Biden and effectively, ultimately denying the will of the people.

As a purely mechanical, almost administrative click-clack, cause and effect analysis of the internal working of the Federal government, whether Trump could actually “win” at the Supreme Court is certainly a legitimate inquiry for discussion, the bigger question being on what hopefully at least rational basis, or, simply put why? For if Trump were to prevail for anything less than an actual, cognizable legal argument supported by adequate precedent, this is the where democracy begins to unravel and, I suspect not the stage at which Trump “wins”, but the Supreme Court as we know it, disappears.

Important stuff for without the backbone of a strong and independent SCOTUS at the foundation of our democracy, and, without the full confidence of We, the People in the ability of our judicial system to act in a fair, impartial and non-partisan manner, there can be no justice and without the promise of justice, we can no longer validly claim to be a nation guided by the rule of law.

The Constitution becomes a meaningless piece of paper for if it doesn’t apply to one, in this instance the President, it applies to none. It becomes a tool for a handful of evil, decrepit and stupid old men to escape retribution for their crimes. And yes, we become a nation not of, by and for the People, but one dedicated to the proposition that a handful of rich, white, and wholly lacking in moral character are leading by fiat and We, once a proud nation of individuals working together to provide a better tomorrow for all, for all intents and purposes, no longer exists. In short, there is no America.

With the social compact broken, the grand social experiment of our Founding Fathers and all who came before and after them, all proud to call themselves Americans, living in a self-proclaimed home of the brave, land of the free, our right to self-rule and democracy abruptly ending, the American dream, over. In the future, the old folk will lament about what used to be.

Then as the old die off and our past is slowly but surely replaced by stories about the Trump family came over on the Mayflower and killed all the Martians and dinosaurs that were living in the New World so that all the white men could live in peace, harmony, privilege and probably polygamy in the way that all along, God, his privileged/male/white/self/supreme with cheese, wanted it to be. Taco Bell’s dollar menu being the law of the land, and the if you are connected at the top, home of honorable graft and freebies.

Going forward, our best-case scenario will be rule by a corrupt and on their good days not too mean and/or vindictive cadre of mysterious, bearded oligarchs. Elections will no longer be needed, and our leaders determined by back room deals made with several different “foreign” countries, including the sale of nuclear arms that one day will end up in the hands of terrorists. Ascension to the throne achieved by acts of fire and brimstone, treachery and treason, culminating in an occasional assassination or two.

A land where We, who were the People will wake up, have our coffee unless there is a shortage, and ask who is our fearless and exulted leader today? Some of us may dare ask, does it really matter? But they will soon be ostracized and “disappeared” as enemies of the state. Invariably, it will be the last man or woman standing. Or, if not quite standing, not lying in a hospital bed dying of radiation poisoning. We will no longer worry about who is drinking the Kool-Aid, but rather, who drank the tea?

But do not ask for whom tolls, or trolls the tea leaves, they toll in a sickly, hollow manner, free of the promise of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for thee.

A place where nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing will be for your benefit unless and if by some chance co-incidence or perhaps even miracle, your interest in happiness aligns with someone else’s pursuit of happiness named Trump.

If this all sounds like a bad dream, here is the good news. You’re right. It is for no matter what the beanbag on the TV trolling for ratings is saying, it’s not going to happen. Not here, not now and hopefully with God willing, not ever. Why? Because when push comes to shoving Trump’s face in the mud, muck, malaise and morass it will be. Not only will we drain the swamp, we’re going to absolutely encase that mother sucker in concrete Chernobyl style shoes where, at the bottom and in an effort to save money, will also be the site of his presidential library.

For as I have said many times before, I believe in We, the People and We know freedom isn’t free and although we might have let our guard down, the buck, the real bucks with the real power stops here. And in America, with the blessing of our Lord, soon, the abomination that is Trump will be gone and We, once again, will be free. Tea anyone? I think not.

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