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Communique 10-15-2020 "Vote The Blue Ticket Take The Ride Or Why Your Vote Every Vote Counts"

By Philip Drucker

Vote The Blue Ticket, Take The Ride Or Why Your Vote, Every Vote Matters Explained”

One of the most satisfying of recent events, they can’t all be bad, is the amazing numbers of voters who have taken advantage of the early voting process, particularly in the crucial swing and suddenly in play states including Georgia, Texas and Florida. The most recent count is at 14M votes already cast and still climbing, rapidly.

No one knows how any ballots were cast for Biden and the Blue down ticket races, but I do find it telling that the soon to be removed from our daily lives Republican Party of Personality Trump Cult 45 continues to play dirty tricks, still making inaccurate claims about mail-in voting and “harvesting” votes through deceptive and illegal “official” ballot boxes that are anything but.

This tells me the Trump lemmings without a cause with memories of Jim Jones and the Jonestown massacre/mass suicide written all over their glassy eyed stare into empty space, their don’t bother me I don’t want to hear anything I don’t agree with what seems to be dilated pupils on full display for all that care to gaze into a dark and scary orbital abyss of a world that only exists, because they say it does. I would venture a guess and say if you are looking for muddy waters, or muddying the waters, you will have to go down south and dip your toes in the Mississippi to see so much opaque density winding its way through the windmills that cause cancer of their sick and twisted little minds.

Their current strategy is to lose the election, claim voter fraud and take the case all the way to the SCOTUS that with the magical Amy unfit for her position on the court, maybe any court, will fulfill her magical destiny to ruin everything that is good about America including unconstitutionally installing King Trump as dictator for another four years of misery, and here’s the frightening part, possibly because her husband told her to. If you think I am kidding, I’m not. Fortunately, that would be the Hail Mary or perhaps Hail Amy last minute political pass of all time and certainly, subject to a game ending interception at any moment.

I don’t know about you, but these recent events, good, bad and quite frankly deranged and insane, tell me virtually everything I need to know as to who will be the winners of the November election. The answer is We the People, yes us.

They might have some mud, but we’ve got a blue wave coming out of an ocean of fear and concern for the existence our very democracy. What you are seeing is why every vote, including yours counts. Even the biggest of oceans are made up of tiny drops of rain and that blue wave you see hitting the shores? It’s made up of millions of individual voters, including you, who are expressing their preference and perhaps soon to be demands that our government and representatives honor the will of the people, and not their personal agendas which at this point and nothing less than taking in dark money, skimming off the top of course (I personally call this the Mitch Method), and spending the rest spreading outright shameless lies to remain in power, and sadly, offering nothing more.

You know what is even better? I’m seeing a newfound interest, respect, and an understanding of the important need for political engagement, and not just by casting your ballot. That is merely the beginning, in fact I would argue it is to quote Hunter S. Thompson, buying the ticket and taking the ride, the ride being the continuing involvement with our elected officials, keeping their feet to the fire, to get done what needs to be done, with the consent of the majority to represent our interests, with the truth, courage, and transparency in government we have been deprived of for too long.

We should never forget the louder our collective voices, the harder it will be for our representatives to ignore our expectations for the adequate representation and implementation of our collective will. This is also known as strength in numbers and it appears to me, it’s working. But, if it makes the following more palpable, think of voting as a gate way drugs to bigger and better geo-socio-political highs.

Once the election is over, regardless of the outcome, we know who we are dealing with. Nothing more. There is never any guarantee that the promises of change, reforms and general policy bandied about during the election will come to pass. Elections do have consequences, but then again so does allowing if not actively spreading through outright lies and misinformation a deadly virus that continues to infect and kill our citizens in promoting an “immunity herd” WH policy that is by every reasonable estimation of anyone who knows anything about contagious diseases nothing more than a modern equivalent of Dr. Trump’s traveling medicine and hatred show selling snake oil and racism as a remedy for whatever ails you.

Or, and regardless of the outcome, of any one race, we must stay united and demand a national plan for dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic, including masking, social distancing and a realistic timetable for producing a safe vaccine and a viable pipeline for distribution of over 300,000,000 to those who choose to protect themselves based on accurate and meaningful scientific study, expertise and training.

So, your exercising your fundamental right to vote is good, necessary, and look around, we are seeing why your voice through your vote, individually and collectively is the life blood itself of a viable and vibrant democracy. But, isn’t it even more than that? Isn’t the time and effort and research you did in reaching a decision indicate the first step in your continuing commitment to see the changes you want to see, till then end? Win, lose or draw, your commitment to see that what we demand be done, be done? If we are pushed, we will push back? Twofold if necessary?

Are you willing to commit to putting an end to this genocidal biological/chemical warfare foisted upon us, the true dangers kept secret from us? Until it was too late? Will you fight for police reform? The end of Institutional racism? That Black Lives matter? Healthcare for all? For fair elections, free from blatant voter suppression in what can only rationally be described as a heavy-handed effort to turn America into what best resembles Mussolini style fascism, but with KFC, hamberders, toilets that don’t flush the first time and low water pressure in sinks rather than Spaghetti, pizza and the trains running on time?

Are you willing to commit to seeing the end of Citizens’ United and halt the virtually unlimited and untraceable dark money contaminating our election process like poison in our veins? Are you ready to stand tall and fight to see that everyone in this I can barely call it an administration as they don’t administrate anything but poverty, disease, death and destruction, that needs to be held accountable be held accountable? Politicians in general don’t like to dish out justice in a manner that may be theoretically used against them. What does that tell you? We will be the ones who initially and eventually, if necessary, cry out that justice be done.

Further, we cannot rely on our elected officials to do everything for us, for that is when we get everything done to us. Are you willing to act locally? If you are needed to help the poor or the homeless in your community? Will you stand with your fellow protestors when our basic right to free speech is threatened by the Trump regime? Will you start a non-profit? Will you do whatever it takes to make the tomorrow you envision happen today? Someday?

For in the final analysis, it is not the politicians, our elected and un-elected (Supreme Court) officials who determine the course or the success of our country. It is us, We the People who at the end of the day get the final say on not only who we are, but who we wish to be as individuals and as a nation, an ocean of drops working to protect and expand our rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all.

This is an admittedly short version of why every vote, including yours, matters. This is also why, politically speaking, you matter. Not just on election but on every day. This is also how we as a nation can demand the type of government we deserve, one of the people, by the people and for the people. One where we again can reclaim our mantle of the leaders of the free world, that starts at home. I don’t know about you, but my country is the land of the free and the home of the brave. I’m in. You?

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