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Communique 1-26-2021 "Kancel KKKulture"

Kancel KKKulture

Why is it every time a moron manages to find a bunch of morons who are willing to follow him to Moron Valhalla and back and we, the sane ones don’t, they get mad at us? Case in point. Trump is a moron and all his minions probably have no idea what the inside of a library looks like.

So, how do we engage with a group that seeks to do nothing but enrage, and then laugh about it on secret message boards spouting guns and racism, or is it racism and guns as the cure for everything that puzzles us? Pleased to meet you, but I’m not going to bother trying to guess your name. I’ll just call you Dopey. Works for me, you?

My first rule of communication is if you can’t find it in a book (other than the Bible) it probably doesn’t exist. One of the more useful tools I gained as a lawyer was a good understanding of the value of evidence, meaning, if there isn’t any, that’s a good sign there is none and if there is none, whatever the premise may be, it’s probably a non-starter from the word MAGA.

Yet somehow, amongst their hidden in plain sight for all of us and the FBI to see rabbit hole du jour their shared stupidity gets elevated to the status of information worthy of enshrinement in the cyber-halls of memedom and posted on the toasted putrid racist to the korps platform of Parler. Here’s my point and here’s their hustle. You can’t fix a problem that doesn’t exist.

This is called “owning the libs.” Get it? There we know there is no real problem to solve, but you took me for serious, wasted your time and I managed to divert you from your socialistic zombie apocalypse attack on our future, another problem that mind you, doesn’t exist.

Yet somehow, a significant part of our electorate would rather elect a serial liar who not only lies about fake problems to solve, he when necessary creates a problem and then invariably makes everything worse. This is called “double down”, “triple down” or “trade wars are easy to win”. Once again insisting on the existence of a lie does not make it real.

Insisting that Trump is going to magically ride back into Washington DC on March 4th and regain his “stolen” presidency is the latest QAnus fantasy. They still claim to be the “storm” but it’s starting to look like a light rain or drizzle at best is all that’s left of what from the very beginning was nothing more than a handful of poorly written pseudo religious pulp fiction styled prophesies masquerading as realistic prognostications of a dystopian future that will never come to pass, because wishing for a new age of Biblical wonders and quite frankly, ice cream for Jim Crow just isn’t in the tarot or whites only cards.

And so, uncover some more idiotic code and at the same time, while chewing gum, pivot to some real problems, shall we? Here’s one. Do you know what the alt heads mean when they say “socialism’? First, they don’t know what it is. Socialism is a theory of economics. It is not a political doctrine or form of government. That would be democracy, or since we have something that sometimes looks like we are represented, a republic.

Yet, the battle cry to stop socialism least we lose our country and way of life rings out to the degree the fools who sacked our Capitol are using it as an excuse to commit violent insurrection, the overthrow of our democracy, and yes, pre-meditated murder.

When you hear from the ghoulish Mitch, Imperialist Running Dog McTraitor who clearly fancies himself our savior from among such notable socialists as Hugo Chavez, particularly notable as he’s dead, yet somehow still managing to be the ghost in the voting machine, what he is saying is I will keep progress from progressing.

You see, Mitch knows to a great degree of the population, change, any change is scary and his constituents are more than happy to cling to the “old ways” they in large part attribute to the great American success story. Problem is the overriding factors in your average racist, religious zealot’s quiver of patriotic arrows is attributing a mix of racism and regulating morality through organized religion as the foundation of American exceptionalism.

So, what Mitch McTurtle Sweater Neck Geek is “protecting” is your right to engage in blatant acts of hatred, derision and divisiveness as part and parcel of the American Dream. I like to think of Ronald Big Muck Clown McConnell as particularly disturbed by the gains made during the 1960’s Civil Rights movement.

In his famous Ann Arbor speech, “The Great Society” Lyndon Johnson made clear he intended to follow the lead of the Kennedy administration and reform the federal civil rights statutes. This was a good idea as America had not seriously rethought the rules and protections afforded to minorities who were subject to blatant and pervasive discrimination and poverty since 1866.

But not StoneUnhingedWall McConnell, he would take us back to a mystical, magical time some call the Jim Crow era where “separate but never equal” was the law of the land. Where persons of color “knew their place” or suffered the consequences. Where the KKK was nothing more than a social club for those in or who sought political power, another demographic, so to speak and when the LGBTQ community, well, I guess they just didn’t exist, yet. I guess.

And if there were any perverts, deviants or democrats out there who refused to follow the words of their equally culpable Sunday Hellfire Sermon Preachers who claimed divinity (the Way of things) as “cover” for those who did not practice love but chose to engage in outright hatred as a sign of their piety, when the time was right, they would “get theirs” too.

Along with the bombings of black churches and children. The killing of Emmet Till, Medgar Evers, along with three young northern men, Chaney, Goodman, and Schwerner, also known as the Freedom Summer Murders, who wanted nothing more than to register African Americans so they could exercise their right to vote.

Think about it. What if every time you heard Mitch Con Fanni Tutti Fruitti howl “socialism!” you replaced, can’t let a little thing like racial justice and equality ruin the good gig I have here in Kentucky, rigging the local elections and all and pocketing my skim money from a “donation” from a Russian oligarch for an aluminum plant that is part of a money laundering scheme and will never be built anyway?

Why, the Civil Rights Acts of 1965, the Voting Rights Act of 1968 and its subsequent gutting of pre-protections for minorities seem so, intrusive? Unnecessary? Inconvenient? Annoying? To a plan aimed at protecting and extending if possible, the rich, white, and religiously intolerant permanent Republican majority they could have had if the South had only won.

Now do you get the Confederate statues “cancel culture” red herring? It is, was and will always be about maintaining racism and white supremacy as a legitimate excuse for an economic platform known as slavery. The inclusive, colorblind nature of socialism of course, would be the opposite of slavery, wouldn’t it? Why yes, it would.

If you agree with me, it is time to move on from enrage and begin to engage, fully keeping in mind engagement is a two-way street. Don’t waste my time and I won’t waste yours. So, next time someone accuses you of “canceling culture” my suggestion is politely inquire what part of America’s racist past do you find is worth preserving?

For when it comes to kancelling KKKulture , I’m all for it. You?

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