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Communique 1-15-2021 "Good Trouble Friday"

By Philip Drucker

Today, we focus on the positive. Why? Because on January 20, 2021 Joe Biden will be sworn in as our 46th President, 47th if future inmate Darn Old “Orange” Trump resigns at the last minute and punts to Pence for a get out of jail free card in what will shortly become a game of who’s first in line to a. arrest b. incarcerate and c. seize and sell his assets via a series of criminal and civil actions to pay his numerous and still rising moral and financial debts.

But there’s more. The second impeachment is an important step forward in holding Donnie the Dumb Scum Bag Man accountable for his crimes against the United States of America and in future, the world at large for his transgressions against humanity.

Remember, now that Donald Dork Nozzle has been impeached for inciting an insurrection, he can no longer pardon himself or any of his accomplices or co-conspirators for crimes committed in the planning and carrying out of what amounted to a pathetic, but tragically deadly attempt at preventing the peaceful transfer of power pursuant to the Electoral College, popular vote and clearly by a landslide, the voice and will of We, the People.

If you are the Susan Collins type and “deeply concerned” that Donald Jay Bird Traitor Trash Bait will escape accountability, wring your hands no more. The time for any meaningful clemency from future prosecution is long gone. My short list of comeuppances includes losing Trump Tower NY and Mar-a-Lardo via forfeiture along with any additional real estate holdings that may have some value.

His various golf courses, resorts and spas will be sold to the highest bidder with a discount for bedbug fumigation and buying as many sage smudge sticks as it takes to exorcise the evil demons that reside along with the innumerable skeletons in the walk-in closets of Dotard Don’s evil and twisted empire and mind.

Don Dumbo Mumbo Jumbo I Still Call Him Little Marco can try to play the “self-pardon” card, but that will go nowhere. If you were Mike, he no longer likes it Pence, would you go so far as to pardon the guy who almost left you twisting in the wind?

Funny part is Ted Cruz, he who’s turd immunity to shame knows no bounds, might, if the price was right, but the I still believe in something even if it’s only discriminating against gays getting wedding cakes Pence? Doubtful.

As for his crime syndicate family, how many of you are willing to play “Stool Pigeon Bingo”? This is not about who is and is not going to squeal, it’s a game where the rules are the first to flip gets the best deal. I posit the Trumps, chumps, hearts as cold as coal, one and all, and Jarhead, I mean Jared, will be doing cartwheels to get to the front of the cough it up conga line. It’s in their DNA, not to be confused with an NDA, which none of them would honor anyway.

And so, in a time frame where counting the hours has meaning, we will have a new president, vice president, cabinet and meaningful form of democratic governance. The dogs will bark, but the caravan, this time a real one, is moving on. The national identity and political debate is already changing from what’s next? To how do we fix it?

No more talk of walls, no farm subsidies or corporate welfare hiding behind the fallacious (not to be confused with fellatio, at least Clinton was smart enough to get one) as “bailouts” in support of a doomed from the start trade war with China, and later, from the caught but not captured Covid-19 virus, an act of genocide, that by Inauguration Day will have claimed 400,000 innocent American lives in a scandal that should have never been.

For those of you who are waiting for life to return to normal, might I suggest you aim a little higher? IMHO the last 50 years, with a few exceptions named Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, have been in many ways a social, political and economic dark ages for American society.

This is where the so-called “Culture Wars” and “Cancel Culture” nonsensical lame lemming excuse for whatever you don’t personally like, such as criminal justice and economic equality for all came from. This slow descent into a false sense of normalcy by exclusion got greased to the max by Reagan’s voodoo economic policy (and I use that word with great reservation) that history has now shown led to nothing but trickle down poverty.

I must admit the actor and bigot did his best snow cone head and jellybean job on us all. How in the world did a B-list actor at be best sell the insane and wicked notion that the average person, nay America, was better off because someone else was getting rich off our labor?

I don’t know about you, but money in someone else’s pocket is not money where it belongs. All this claptrap about job creators, takers and makers, the 47% of persons who spent their entire lives working for a living and then wanting nothing more than to retire in peace and dignity. Can’t have that now, can we? Boy, good thing they can’t rob you of your afterlife, although they do try, don’t they?

The point of it all? We can’t go back nor should we. I have already heard the rallying cry on the right about going back to the gospel of anything but a Saint Reagan. Of freedom through personal responsibility although he had none.

About rewarding those who skirt the law and the Constitution, Ollie North, Edwin Meese, the list goes on, for little more than a misguided but strangely useful to a handful of materialistic souls made up ideology/theology designed to hide the self-interests and greed that are at the core of it all.

We know now at the end of Mr. Reagan’s wild ride is nothing but a bunch of broken souls, unfulfilled promises and a presidential monstrosity threatening to end the great American social experiment and the dream. The end of the middle class and the end of the shining beacon of light, a place where anyone can be anything through hard work, imagination, inspiration and limitless opportunity, for all.

How do we change this? By heeding the timeless words that only a person who lives in America can truly understand. We are better than this. As Americans, we have the power to act of our own accord, to be kind and understanding, with nothing more than self-determination, better tomorrow than we are today. To have a social conscience. To welcome the strangers among us. To directly help those in need.

Now, we all have a golden opportunity to change the world. How? We can lead by example, by performing selfless, good deeds for the benefit of all. The K Street Evangelicals have it all wrong. God does not favor those who profit from their own good works. Goodness do not require a personal reward. They are complete when the act is complete, and nothing more.

If the world is better for just one person, it is better for everyone. Every time a good deed is accomplished, the world is transformed, isn’t it? Problem is every time the rule of law is broken and justice is denied, the world is altered as well. I believe this to be self-evident. Can someone tell me why it isn’t?

And so, as this should be a time of celebration, the king being dead and long live the king type of stuff, right? Let’s make today a special day. In the name of all that is good and holy and wise and would at least I hope make us all feel a little better, I proclaim in the name and honor of John Lewis, an American who never forgot even at times of intense and forbidding darkness we are better than this, Good Trouble Friday.

Do you want to help make life the wonderful, beautiful experience it was always meant to be? You know what to do, don’t you? Now, I am asking you to walk out your front door and do it. No act is too big or too small, it just is. I’ll leave it at that, and your American imagination, work ethic to get the job done and initiative. God bless you all and God bless America.


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